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Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Manuta Tunapee Puggaluggalia Historical and Cultural Association
and the
Historical Society of the Municipality Sorell

Present: A Conference with a Difference

The Keynote Speaker is Dr Stuart Blackler, Dean of St. David’s Cathedral who will speak on Reverend Bobby Knopwood the man.

Guest speakers will give a short talk and then interact with the audience in a discussion segment about their topic. There are 4 sessions.
Colonial Women: covers all women Aboriginal and European.
Colonial Men: looks at free settler, convict, Aboriginal and military
On the Ground: discusses changes to the landscape
What has Changed: To find where it happened in the past, original place names are essential.

There were so many positive contributions to the early Tasmanian lifestyle that have been ignored
People only know about the bloodshed of both races when historians ignore the positive friendly interactions. Tasmania has a fascinating history that is multicultural and interactive.

What about the strength women who worked beside their men or on their own to make a go of it?
Where is Hollow Tree?
Why did the whalers row as far as New Norfolk on the Derwent River?

Convicts served their time – many of the Aboriginal population developed a friendly relationship with the invaders. All became the framework that developed into the Tasmania we know today.
A interlude of music from Bowen’s time, directed by Don Cartright will close the conference.

Liapootah Community



Supported by the Lia Pootah and Risdon Vale Communities.

Risdon Vale Primary School is hosting a concert and exhibit to recognise the bicentenary of the arrival of Lt. John Bowen and a friendly interaction between members of his party and the Teen Toomele Menennye in 1803.

Exhibition of projects from:
Gagebrook – Lindisfarne North – Risdon Vale – Primary Schools.

A musical concert featuring:
Rose Bay and Geilston Bay High School bands - Risdon Vale Choir

Bicentenary certificates donated byHarry Quick MHR will be presented by Elders of the Lia Pootah Community.

Risdon Vale Community Centre Sugarloaf Road Risdon Vale
Concert begins at 10. 45 -finishes 12pm. Everyone Welcome
Email Fax 62438606 Phone Kaye 62438606

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